Mother's Day Activities for Moms, Parents Who Have Lost Children

Mother's Day is a favorite holiday for me. I have four lovely kids and my mother, step mother and mother-in-law. Mother's Day can be bittersweet for kids who have lost moms. And what about the mother who has lost a child? Mother's Day may just be bitter. Here are ways to acknowledge Mother's Day (or just survive) if you or someone you love has lost a child.

I'm a mom to six, four living children and two baby daughters in heaven. We lost both children in nearly third trimester losses. Both could have survived if they had made it a few more weeks. Our physicians made mistakes in both cases that could have prevented their deaths. We not only had our grief to cope with, but anger also.

We received a great deal of love and support from most everyone. A few well-meaning but ill-timed comments really hurt, however. When I was a little melancholy on Mother's Day, one person said, "you should be happy; you have your other children." That did not help.  Mother's Day Activities for Moms Who Have Lost Children

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