Teen Depression Survival Tips for Parents

Dealing with an episode of childhood or teen depression can be nerve-wrecking and tedious for parents. Sometimes, it's hard to be sympathetic with a moody kid, if my own parenting fuel tank is low. Just listening to his complaints or seeing her long face drives me crazy when I'm on "E" myself.  I've found myself wondering (and even saying aloud, if I'm not careful) what in the world she has to be depressed about. She has the world with a fence around it. If anyone should be depressed, it's me. I'm the caregiver, breadwinner, etc. You know the general oh-woe-is-me mom refrain. But depression is a universal symptom, especially during puberty. Even young kids get the blues sometimes. People don't have to justify depression...it just is. But there are tips to navigate and stay sane.   How to help kids and teens through a bout of depression 

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