Child Endangered Via Wireless Baby Monitor Hack--Avoid Digital Baby Products - News - Bubblews

The creep who hacked Marc and Laura Gilbert's daughter's wireless baby monitor in Houston, Texas is demented, clearly. ABC News says weird sounds were coming from daughter Alison's room. When parents investigated, they heard a man's voice calling the baby an "effing moron" and worse. The monitor had a video camera. So the hacker could not only talk to, but watch the baby.

But bizarre as that is, it's a good wakeup call to the dangers of  kids' digital products. The internet is a toxic cesspool. I think most of us get this. Why plunge baby in it hooking her up to WiFi? If your house is so big you need to connect via satellite, keep baby nearer to you. You should do that anyway. If you need a monitor, use the walkie-talkie two-way ones (those sometimes pick up weird transmissions but at least someone can't get in and personalize it). Read moreBaby Harassed When Wireless Baby Monitor Hacked--Avoid Digital Baby Products (image from Wiki Commons)

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