Halloween candy alternatives: cheap toys, non-candy prizes for Trick or Treat

Halloween is an ironic celebration: all year parents teach kids to eat healthy. They tell them not to take candy from strangers. Then on Trick or Treat, parents dress kids in costumes and tell them to beg for candy door to door! Then all that candy has to be sorted and half gets thrown away. Then kids eat too much sugar and get wild or sick. So, here are 50 Halloween candy alternatives and cheap non-candy Trick or Treat giveaways kids will love. Non-candy giveaways work for kids with ADHD, allergies, special needs or health conditions. Use these ideas for the classroom, scouting activities and Halloween party planning. These ideas will work for Trick or Treat handouts at libraries, banks, businesses, restaurants and any other places. These treats will be less messy and cost effective as well.Halloween candy alternatives: cheap toys, non-candy prizes for Trick or Treat | Examiner.com

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