Lone preschooer hops Philly bus at 3 a.m. seeking slushie snack, parent safety tips for wandering kids

An uptown girl hopped a downtown Philly bus in the wee hours of March 30. An early morning transit would not be newsworthy except that the rider was a solo preschooler! What possessed a 4-year-old girl to board a bus alone a 3 a.m.? The Associated Press quoted the intrepid commuter saying "all I want is a slushie." Cute story and happily it ended with reunification of the wanderer with her parents. But it might have ended in tragedy. Here are safety tips for parents of wandering kids.Preschool girl hops Philly bus alone at 3 a.m. seeking slushie snack - Grand Rapids News | Examiner.com

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