Blogger Lacey Spears Charged with Murder of Son Garnett, Munchausen and Internet Don't Mix

Mom Lacey Spears blogged about her son Garnett's Journey 
through illness and her woes online. With social media a daily-constant it's become popular to keep a running online, especially on medical conditions. Then horror of horrors, turns out Spears is another Casey Anthony. Only worse. Spears was making Garnett sick for media attention. Spears was charged with murder, by administering lethal sodium injections. 

They call it Munchausen's by Proxy. Sounds so much better than sicko child murderer. And I have to say, I wasn't all that surprised. I have to wonder about people who constantly post private stuff about their families. Don't me wrong. I've followed the illnesses of several people this way. I'm NOT faulting sharing updates, information or just venting. 

I'm talking here about an insatiable need for attention that's pathological. And the internet gives Munchausens and exhibitionists their steady supply of attention crack. It's positively intravenous. And being virtual, it's incredibly vulnerable to abuse. Trolling, stalking, trumped up drama, self-aggrandized, lying, sexting, suggestive pictures, user-created porn, scams, pity parties, and downright vile, vitriolic and bizarre.

Parents, for everyone's sake--curb you Facebook (blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter) use now. No one says when kids are gone that they wished they'd played online more. Read more

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