Puberty Belly Fat. Healthy Food Swaps to Burn Tummy Bulge

I've lost 97 pounds and dropped from size 20 to size 3/ 4. (Left photo is then, right photo is now). Belly fat has always been my nemesis--being apple-shaped.

Parents, is your once-slim tot sprouting a belly in puberty? Don't worry too much, if he's active and mostly eating right, it'll trim down in adolescence. But if you have family history of obesity, or if that belly is staying past 15-16, it's time to tone it. Here are healthy food swaps to help everyone from a menopausal 50-year old like me to a preteen, burn belly fat. These are healthy diet tweaks, not crash dieting. Don't, for heaven's sake, put your child on a too-restrictive diet. He needs to eat a lot while growing. The trick? Avoid saturated fat, highly-inflammatory food, sugary, salty and bloating foods. Then boost MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids), metabolism-boosters, omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, fermented foods, vitamin C. Here's an A-Z guide of foods that add and subtract to tummy bulge.  Belly Fat or Flat, Foods That Boost and Burn Stomach Bulge

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