Teaching Kids to Survive Panics-- Learn How to Eat an Elephant

I know, you're thinking who in God's green earth would want to eat an elephant?? All that skin. We'll get to that. First here's how panic attacks hurt relationships and why learning to survive them is essential. A panic attack goes like this. Something triggers feelings of insecurity and you feel anxious and overreact and you feel you're having a heart attack if you knew what a heart attack felt like, which chances are you don't which makes you worry and panic all the more which makes your throat feel like it's closing up which scares you and makes you stop breathing which cuts off the oxygen to your brain which muddles your thinking and makes you inappropriately angry and you blow things out of proportion and rage at innocent people which makes you feel guilty and stupid and ashamed and you feel even more insecure and unlovable and you spiral deeper in misery...

Yes that was one long run on sentence--exactly how panic thinking goes. To find how to stop that, read on Panic Attack Survival--Remember How to Eat the Elephant

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