'You're Not Special' Graduation Speech is Spot On

When I first read about the graduation speaker who told students "you're not special," it hit a discordant note. Then I realized that he's absolutely correct, pragmatically and in the larger point he was making. According to BostonHerald.com, Wellesley High English teacher David McCullough Jr. demonstrated in his speech that, by the numbers, students are a pretty pedestrian lot and that they've got it pretty easy.

McCollough's talk caught me off guard, because, as a parent and teacher, I see myself in it. I'm guilty of cosseting, helmeting, bubble-wrapping and cajoling kids, both my own and students, just as he describes.
By smoothing the bumps, I didn't mean any harm. I suspect few people do. We just want to give our kids the very best we have. If that translates to pampering, well, at least we aren't depriving our kids. So we indulge the whims. We don't set clear boundaries or enforce curfews. We cater, overlook and pacify, even though we know that this may not be what's best for our kids.   'You're Not Special' Graduation Speech is Spot On

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