How to Choose Clothes for Overweight Girls

When I was eight years old, back in 1972, I was put on a diet by a doctor. I weighed 100 pounds. I heard all the fat girl names from' schoolmates, 'tubby' 'whale-o' 'blubber' , plus even some that were probably original. I will say this for 70's kids, they took some pains to be creative in their name -calling: 'lardo': pretty inventive for the oleo-margarine generation. From those early experiences, I developed a nasty case of low self-esteem. I decided that my kids were going to have it better, whether they were thin or fat. I can't fix kids' behavior, but I can do everything possible to reduce stress. One way is by choosing clothes that make kids feel good about themselves. Here's a guide I put together for parents to do that   How to Choose Clothes for Overweight Girls

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