Parenting teens through relationship drama (without tearing your hair out)

 As a mom, I'm generally confident handling childhood hurdles--potty-training, picky eaters, night frights--bring 'em on. There's one issue that shakes my equanimity--teen relationship drama. Whether they're boyfriend-girlfriend connections or same-gender friendships, teenage relationships are often fraught with drama and drenched in anxiety. Frankly, I'd rather walk barefoot over hot coals carrying a sack of nails on my head than deal with drama (esp. OP--other peoples'--drama. I can distance from drama in my own relationships. In my kid's--not so much). Even the term "drama" makes my face twitch. Disagreeable as they are, relationship problems are part of a teen's life and they need us parents for emotional support. After four kids (and a lot of trial and error), I've assembled some thoughts for parents on helping kids navigate peer relationships.  How to parent teens through relationship drama without going crazy - Yahoo! Shine

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