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This is a two-part series on the breastfeeding moms vs. Facebook fracas. Moms from around the world gathered at Facebook offices and in large cities to protest by doing what they do, aka nursing babies. Why the protest? Facebook won't let them share photos of themselves breastfeeding their children (but it will allow people to spray the f-bomb all over the place, to post highly sexualized images of themselves and to tell the world every time they use the bathroom).

I wrote these pieces from a straight news (no opinion) basis, but I feel very strongly that breastfeeding in public is healthy, positive and very much NOT obscene. Breastfed is best-fed for baby. It's good for other moms to see others in solidarity. And anyone who gets their knickers in a twist over the sight of a lovely mommy using her God-given breasts (for the purpose God intended) to feed her lovely baby, needs to get therapy. Don't want to see it? Go sit under a blanket. That and never leave the house, turn on the television or go online. So rock on breastfeeding mamas. I miss those days so much. Okay here endeth the rant (temporarily, anyway. This really incenses me) and here is the nurse-in article. Moms Protest Facebook for Banned Breastfeeding Photos. And this is one about the Leaky B@@b and Express Yourself Mums that got the ball rolling. Read more at Parents Post Breastfeeding Photos Online, Deemed Obscene

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